WELCOME to My Journey to Success

rebecca2017My name is Rebecca Stamer from the great city of St Peters, Missouri. My life revolves around being a mom, grandmother, daughter, and sister – and amazingly – a friend to many wonderful people.

I do manage to run a hotel by day and follow my dreams by night which include writing, marketing, teaching and creating new things.

Throughout the writings of this website you will often find that I like to bring the past and compare it to the future.  The days when cellphones, cable TV and computers did not exist and people actually had to get up and go somewhere to gain experience, actually had to meet new people and friends alike and physically work towards any dreams they had.

creativityMy first experience creating online starts in 2004 when I joined an online gaming league to occupy my time.  I learned basic HTML and created little pages for tournaments.  I had so much fun learning this new skill.

After a couple years I wanted more, I wanted to find a way to earn money online.  I dreamed of never going to a “job” again, no more routines that seemed as if I was going nowhere.  Boy, was I Suprised!

I quickly learned that there was a vast amount to learn before reaching my dream and more importantly, I learned that finding the right people to learn from, build a relationship and trusting a person online was even more important.

Determination and Passion carried me through this process and today I am so grateful to take this knowledge and share it with you or anyone who is interested in learning.

It doesn’t matter what your dream is – building a home business, becoming an athlete, dancer or just being the best person you can be – having passion, the right mindset and an outlook propels you to take action to achieve your dream will get you there.


Please browse through the site and Thank You for Stopping by.  



It's All About the Journey