WELCOME to My Journey to Success


My name is Rebecca Stamer and I have been slowly and steadily building my dream of freedom – financial and personal for ten years.  I also find time to be a mom, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter and sister – and amazingly – a friend to many wonderful people.

I do manage to run a hotel by day and follow my dreams by night which include writing, marketing and creating new things.

Throughout the writings of this website you will often find that I like to bring the past and compare it to the future.  It makes perfect sense to me to remind and/or teach those who were not there where solid core values, imagination, and dreams began – in a time where there was NO internet, computers or cellphones.

If you like good old-fashioned views and reminders, take a few moments and browse through one or two.

As I continue to grow and learn, programs have come and gone and that is okay.  I adjust, readjust and go with the flow.  More exciting is the many new opportunities that open up as each door closes, what lies behind all the new doors.

I have always enjoyed dabbling with pictures and just this year (2018 as of this update), I have come across programs that are making this even more exciting.  So now you will see much more of my work with my own creations and not borrowed from others.  How exciting – being able to write and create my own images!

You will find much of it spilled about the site, and if you have any questions about what I am working on, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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