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Shopping Lists

Our lives are filled with lists – lists to buy food, list of our wants when we go to make a big purchase, wish lists for holidays – it goes on and on.

How many times have you created a list to go to the grocery store only to arrive at the store and the list is still at home?  I know I have!

What about all the times the list actually makes it to the store with you.  Do you shop based on the list or does it always seem that there is something extra there that was unplanned for?  That would be more like 99% of the time for me.  (Dang Sales!)  Even worse than having extra is arriving back home and somehow we completely missed an item on the list.

How about buying a new home?  We make a list, whether written or in our heads of the things we want.  One bedroom, two, maybe three.  Large kitchen with all the ammenities we can only dream of, lots of property or maybe none at all.  Room for an office or maybe a craft room.  Colors, lay out, the list can be endless.

We do the same thing when it comes to buying cars.  First will it be new or used (preowned)?  Preferred color,  Sedan, bus or sports car.  The options to choose from are endless from automatic transmission, power windows, seats, sunroof, stereo, blue tooth and the options list goes on and on.

Lists do work in narrowing down our options, helping us to obtain the perfect items for ourselves or as close to perfect as we can find.

Keeping lists in mind, have you considered what kinds of things would be on a list to create a business that is yours – a business that will transform your future so that you can get everything that is on your wish list.

Whether you choose to build a business from the ground up or you begin the process learning from those who have already succeeded, the list is fairly simple.

Of course the #1 item is locating the opportunity that will teach you to become successful and work with you every step of the way.  As you begin learning, you discover all the tools required to reach the level of success you dream of.  Tools such as an email autoresponder, your own website, hosting for the website, an easy drag ‘n drop lead page builder, a conference room for your new customers, the ability to create your own videos, and more.

All of these tools can be located through several different companies, all requiring a monthly or yearly fee.  You add them to your business at a pace you are comfortable with OR you can choose a program that offers every item on the list and more, leaving more of your budget for actually building the business.

Launching today, is one business that will give you everything you need and a way to chuck that list away once and for all.  If you are serious about changing your future, creating your own business and compiling a new wish for the future, click the image below.

All lists complete for me – now it’s your turn!  Click HERE!



What’s For Dessert?

dessert1My favorite part of a meal – Dessert!  I will sometimes skip a meal, just so I can eat dessert – depending on what it is of course.


Deciding what dessert will be and then creating it is of course the beginning to an evening of delight.  Just as building a business, creating a dream – there is a process or recipe.


  1. ingredients Choosing what you will make (plan what your dream will be and choose the opportunity or path you will follow)

2.  Gathering all the ingredients you will need – flour, sugar, water/milk, eggs, nuts, chocolate, cream cheese, etc.  (Gather the tools you need to get started on your opportunity – including education, communication tools and resources, etc.)

3.  Mixing all the ingredients together and bake/freeze/set.  (Start taking action, follow your plan.)

4.  Ready to Serve!  (See your dream develop and enjoy the rewards!)

Enjoying dessert in many ways feels like a reward, a treat for yourself and/or the family.  Gratifying for a short period, dessert is a way to enjoy the good life.

A dream of changing your life for the better and a future that is satisfying for you and/or family takes longer to cultivate, but the recipe is simple.  Decide, plan, take action and reap the rewards – even the little ones.

So what’s on your plate today?


Dream of starting a home business?  Check this out and give me a shout – I’ll be happy to share with you how this is changing lives and futures daily – Very Sweet Rewards


Living Gilligan Style!

gilligan1“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, Aboard this tiny ship.


The mate was a mighty sailing man, The skipper brave and sure.  Five passengers set sail that day, For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.  ……”


I was fortunate to grow up watching “Gilligan’s Island” and watch this unlikely group of people come together time after time to resolve problems and find solutions that I am positive none ever knew existed.  What a Team to have on your side!


The last show of the original series aired on April 17, 1967 but the principles of teamwork and interacting with people still exist today.  Many of the people I know today live on a deserted island called the internet.  Contact with the real world, interacting with ‘live’ people is seldom, much easier to turn on a computer.  Like most, the purpose was never intended to be stranded on a computer hour after hour, building a new life, new dreams and shutting out the rest of the world.  Circumstances drove us there, but for the professors and skippers out there, there is a way to break free and return to civilization.


gilliganCan you imagine being Gilligan?  Clumsy, lacking in self confidence, afraid of your own shadow?


On the flip side, Gilligan regularly came up with outlandish schemes that even if they backfired, actually worked!  Hmmm!  Think I could be like that, maybe!


Maybe you are more like the Skipper – strong and supportive, ever watchful of taking care of his crew and carries a heart of gold.  A man who shouldered the responsibility of bringing this cast to the deserted island, tirelessly tried to find a way to be rescued while protecting each and every person there?   Many a great leader takes the responsibility and leadership to great lengths, making sure that everyone is taken care of in a way that best suits their needs.


thehowellsEvery team/group that works together has at least one person that represents the “Howell’s”.  You know the type – the “entitled” person that believes success should simply happen or be given to them.  Work!?!  Out of the question!


Given the proper incentive though, the Howell’s always came through and did their part, helping the entire team reach the success they were after.


maryannOne of my personal favorites on the show was MaryAnn.  A sweet young woman that simply brings joy to everyone she encounters.  Somewhat insecure when being in the shadow of a Movie Star “Ginger”, but in the end her small town country girl charm with a large dose of intelligence won the hearts of everyone.


Every team / organization has at least one MaryAnn – the person that can be counted on to do the endless, menial tasks no one else wants to do.  The one who seldom speaks their mind, but when they do – everyone listens!


gilligan2So here it is – 2019!  We have created our own deserted islands, and formed relationships all over the world that work together, play together and succeed together.  It takes the Gilligans, Skippers, Howells and MaryAnn’s of the world finding each other on our islands to create teams / businesses / dreams to propel us towards the success each of us yearn for.  Sprinkle in a few Gingers and Professors to create logic and beauty in all our daily lives and solutions are created by this huge networking of people.


So are you ready to jump on my ship, take a cruise and see what island we land on?  (Click HERE )

Let me close simply with the final words of the Gilligan Theme Song –



 So this is the tale of our castaways,
They’re here for a long, long time.
They’ll have to make the best of things,
It’s an uphill climb.

If you enjoyed today’s blog, I would love to read your comments!

Are you Visible and Enticing?

Here is an update of an old blog post – always a good reminder as times change, audience changes and so forth. 

For today’s marketers the fast and crazy world of networking is taking the internet by storm – and not to be left behind is the great platform – Facebook and Social Media!


There are books, reports, seminars, webinars – everything you can imagine on how to use this powerful tool – but the key to success with social media marketing is the word “use” – in other words take action!  This powerful tool is just like any other tool we use to build our business – you set goals, research where and when to use it, set up how you plan to use it and then actually follow through with the strategies you have devised consistently day after day.  Social media tends to be very fickle – you can take a day off once in a while, but disappear for more than that, and you risk losing all the hard work you have put into it. 

 This post covers Step One of the process for using Social Media – using Facebook as the basis.  It covers setting up the profile page – which must be done for all social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In and more and the same rules apply to all for gaining respect and attention.


Now I tend to be very picky about who I want to actually join me on Social Media – this is the first step for qualifying to see if we can actually work together.  Here is what I am finding that disqualifies so many potential leads:

1.  I click on the potential leads profile and the first thing I see is “if you want to see what “John Doe” shares with friends, please request to friend” or something similar.  Question:  How do I know if I want to be friends – I need to see what you are all about?  

2.  I’ve clicked on profiles and although “Jane” is advertising whatever venture/business she wants you to join – there is not a single post on her profile indicating that “Jane” is building her dream of creating a business online.  Question:  Is “Jane” serious about building her dream?

3.  I click on “Robert’s” profile page and there are beautiful pictures of half dressed women, or “Sally” has pages and pages of political opinion or worse “Tony” plays a whole lot of Facebook games and appears to not have time for much else.   Question:  Are Robert, Sally or Tony the kind of people I want working beside me building dreams?  Secondly:  Do I want Robert’s, Sally’s or Tony’s posts showing up on my wall/timeline for my friends and/or future associates to see?

So YES, maybe I am too picky and maybe I jump to conclusions – but I would have to recommend that if you want to build your presence  using social media and you want to network with like-minded individuals, then consider this:


a.  Become visible to the world – be proud of  you, your family and the fact that you are building a dream

b.  Play games, enjoy politics but keep the rhetoric down and the posts to a minimum.  

c.  Remember to list what you do in your profile – not necessarily who you are associated with.  If you are in marketing – there are many titles to give yourself – Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, etc.  There are Work from Home Moms, Dads, Couples – be creative, attention getting.  Leave the product a mystery so that potential buyers start a conversation with you to find out more.

d.  Most importantly – You need to be VISIBLE!  This means you can not hide behind the little button setting your information to “private” and only friends can see what you post.  If you want people to get to know you, they need to see you.

One thing to consider is that on Facebook you have friends, but you also gain Followers IF you are open to the public.  Followers can be just as important to your growing business as friends and  can share what you do giving you a larger reach without you having to ‘friend’ them and having their posts in your timeline.

A healthy balance of who you are, what you believe and where you are going makes for an excellent social media page for potential partners/affiliates to decide if you can join together to build success as long as you DON’T FORGET TO BE VISIBLE!  Remember – You could be losing leads/contacts!