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Got Your Game On?

“Haven’t we met somewhere before?”

“Can I buy you another drink?”

“Hey pretty lady, ……….”


Recognize these lines or similar ones?  I am sure that unless you are very young, at some point, somewhere, someone has tried a pick up line on you.  Some may work, others don’t and some are simply ridiculous.

But the person using this line is confident, sure he will succeed.  He/she has their game on!

Is it a mask, being a phoney or is it real?  The answer is as individual and varied for each and every person.  Some people have a natural gift and can approach anyone, others are figuring out who they are and others play copycat with the attitude ‘it worked for him, why not me?’

The video below depicts a confident person teaching someone how to copy his movements to gain the girl.  Watch close to see who gets the girl and how it was done.

When you finish laughing, did you catch it?  Trace Adkins does an excellent job of portraying the ‘confident’ man who can have any woman he wants and he is here to show you just how to do it.

Think for a moment about whatever you are trying to accomplish in life – your dreams.  Each of us has to learn, then act in order to make positive steps forward.  You find a great teacher and instinct tells you to simply copy what the teacher does and you too will succeed.


WRONG!  Learning basic skills and the knowledge it takes is one thing, but to copy every detail or every word is NOT going to bring you success!

To reach success, take the tools you have, mix with the lessons of a mentor and make them your own – in other words, “Get YOUR Game On”, not someone else’s.

From performing a sport or art to building a business from home, people will react   to simply you being honest and true to YOURSELF and sharing that with them.  That is a major step to simple and honest success.

Time to “Get YOUR Game On” and go knock ’em dead!



Is it 9 to 5 or 5 to 9?

One of the main reasons, and usually the first reason a person considers going into business for themselves is to quit or leave going to a “job” or a 9 to 5 job.  But is that enough of a reason?  This blog is dedicated to the differences, the ups and downs of working a 9 to 5 or being in business for yourself as a 5 to 9’r.


Let’s begin with the 9 to 5 job.  We start with setting an alarm to get up, out the door, transportation to work (drive, bus, train), wait in traffic.  Arrive at the job – finally get that cup of coffee an hour and a half after you have been awake.

Job duties vary from person to person, but overall each day is consistently the same as the day before.  Whether you are a laborer or management, the duties and responsibilities remain the same and each day certain tasks need to be completed.  Every day you perform the tasks required, take a break / lunch and finish the day with our tasks.  Everyone on any level has a boss, so on occasion you will cross paths.  At the end of the day, you journey home, or to the store or out with friends to relax before heading home.  For this daily routine you are paid wages, something you can count on taking to the bank in order to maintain your current lifestyle.

For many, this is completely satisfactory – the consistency and reliability of knowing that tomorrow will be exactly the same.  For others, the monotony of doing the same thing over and over becomes tedious, they become restless, begin to lose themselves and begin to want more.  The inability to express themselves in most, but not all, positions can wear a person down and soon things are done in an almost robotic style.  The lucky few who actively participate in ideas and decisions are completely happy with where they are.

Social interaction is a definite plus for the 9 to 5 worker, seeing people every day, interacting one on one before, during and sometimes after the job.

A classic and fun representation of 9 to 5 is Dolly Parton’s song “Working 9 to 5” which I thought I would include.  Enjoy.

That was fun!  Office antics which do actually happen in some offices, although I must admit I have never read about a revenge quite like the one portrayed from this movie.


Moving on to the 5 to 9 dream of working from home.  First thing is to clarify 5 to 9.  When you first begin to work from home, whether it is an online business or offline, 5 to 9 represents 5 am until 9pm at night, at least six days per week with several hours on day seven.  As you begin to establish your business, you will find 5 am to 9 am and again 5 pm to 9 pm works very well, taking the time in between for you and your family.

You will always want to spend time in the morning and then time again at some point in the day, probably late evening to stay caught up with the many activities that will happen throughout a day.  The beautiful part is once established, that time can be spent from anywhere in the world if you are building an online business, no need to stay at home.

Working from home allows you the freedom to choose.  Choose the type of business you want, choose how you want to present it, run it, when you start and end your day and the freedom to express your true self in what you do.

The pitfall of course is, all the hours, work, creativity that will be spent without seeing regular “paychecks” to put in the bank.  Money earned will be reinvested into the business and therefore you may see a few lean months.  You will also find that time with family and friends may be less than what you are used to doing.  Determination and self confidence are definite requirements to be a 5 to 9’r.


There is good news for the really energetic, ambitious person that dreams of being a true 5 to 9’r.  You can combine both worlds in the beginning.


Keep the 9 to 5 job to maintain the steady paycheck while working part time to build your business.  There are many opportunities to get started or you can join me and build your new lifestyle at Now Lifestyle!

So to answer the initial question:  Is it 9 to 5 or 5 to 9?  I say it’s your choice or you can have both!


I made it through the rain

“We dreamers have our ways
Of facing rainy days
And somehow we survive”

In 1980 Barry Manilow released the song “I made it through the rain” and if you are from my generation are in the area, I am sure you heard it once or twice along with the dozens of other Manilow songs released.

Far ahead of his time in so many ways, I was listening this evening as a way of relaxing after a long day and it simply tickled me that who have thought that something I enjoyed so long ago would be talking about where I am today.  A person filled with dreams and ideas, a person that works very hard and has for many years, spending far more than I originally set out to spend to make this dream become reality and yet I have survived.  Sound familiar?


 With so many aspects to building a business from home, from the actual building to getting the right mindset, the financial burden that is sometimes involved or doing things the hard way to avoid it in some cases – these can all take a toll on a person.

Like myself you could be working a full time job and so your home business is like adding a second full time job that is not paying you in the beginning which for many can play with the mind.  These are the times you need to remember to push forward, it will not always be this way.

Keep your faith strong and keep your self-respect.  So many times I have seen good people find success, which is greatly encouraging, but then they allow this newfound success to consume them and let greed become their center.  Unfortunately letting greed or any materialistic value control your values will only last for so long and then it will all be gone.  It is important to maintain the solid core values you had when you started so that as you succeed, you will continue to receive continuous success.

“I made it through the rain
I kept my world protected
I made it through the rain
I kept my point of view
I made it through the rain
And found myself respected
By the others who
Got rained on too
And made it through”

I hope you enjoyed the video – not only is the song a beautiful song, but the video was fantastic.  Published by John Carter March 24, 2011 – who knew he was creating the exact piece I would need today?

In all our lives, personal and business, we always have periods of rain.  Sometimes they are small showers and sometimes they feel like hurricanes.  Keep the faith, stay strong and know that on the other side of the rain there is a sunny side, hopefully with a bright rainbow to smile down upon you.

If you would like to know more about me or what I do, or simply have a question, feel free to send me a note or leave a comment.  Have an Awesome Day!


Are You Building like a Circus or a Clown?

The Circus – a place for grown ups and children alike.  A place to simply be, turn off the cell phones and other gadgets and enjoy the show, the peanuts, popcorn and flying trapeze.

Have you ever really taken a moment to think about all the working pieces it takes to make the “Greatest Show on Earth” remain functional, enjoyable and profitable?

Allow me to take a moment here to compare the workings of a circus to running an affiliate business and see if we can make our own dreams produce just like the circus.  I will be using Now Lifestyle (NLS) as the home business for this comparison.

The circus must have an owner, or a corporation to get started.  This is where the core ideas of what acts they want to include develop from, the funding, hiring of necessary personnel to keep everything running smoothly from bookkeeping to customer service, and of course payrolls and commissions.  Someone to head up marketing and advertising for each new town and much more.

Now Lifestyle has an owner, Joel Therien, and a board that created the product, continues to develop the product as well as necessary personnel to run customer service, payroll, commissions, marketing and advertising, and more.

The beginning of each Circus show is started by the Ringmaster at Center Ring.  He’s pleasant, usually has a great sense of humor, engages with each of the acts as well as the audience.  But is that all he does?  I think not!  Behind the scenes the ringmaster is the leader – the go to person that each of the individual acts can seek out if there is a problem, or to share joyous news.  The ringmaster keeps order and peace, and sometimes has to juggle things when the unexpected happens.  Lastly the ringmaster works closely with the owner to keep he/she up to date as to how things are going, concerns or desires, or maybe simply a new idea for a new act.

Now Lifestyle has many Ringmasters in the form of Team Leaders.  I have the rare privilege of knowing many of the leaders at NLS, whom all have great personalities, pleasant to work with as well as a great sense of humor, and always have time to answer that nagging question you might have.  They all work with Joel.  The one unique thing about the leaders at NLS is that the Top Leaders have taken the time to teach their team to become leaders, and then taught those new leaders how to teach their teams how to become leaders, and so on.

The third and definitely important part of the circus – the Acts!  From the various animal acts, to trapeze artists, jugglers, tightrope walkers and more – this is why you came to the circus!  Every act is specialized to the person or group performing it – it is practiced over and over, and only on rare occasions does the act add any changes.  If it does – hours of practice are done before it goes public.  And the reaction of the crowd is the reason they do it all.

You and I as the affiliates of Now Lifestyle, or any program, are the reason the program will succeed.  The leaders are there ready to teach, but they need someone to teach, learn and then take action.  Learning without action is practicing and never performing.  Definitely not a crowd pleaser.

Another important fact to the importance of the affiliate is that each of us is an individual.  We have our own styles, our own methods of teaching, learning, marketing, etc.  This does not mean we can not learn something new or can not incorporate new ways into our style and make it our own.  Leaders love to help imaginative, go-getters create original material.

Lastly we have the Clowns.  The wonderful, normally speechless people with super paint all over their face, crazy costumes who run around and trip themselves and each other.  They appear scattered, unfocused and with no direction at all.  They like silly and sad – and we all know that it takes a very special person to actually be a clown and act the part of a clown.

Unfortunately as with any affiliate marketing program, there are people who are highly skilled but prefer to appear unfocused, scattered and unknowing who could become today’s leaders.  The woes of yesterday, or not making enough today keep them hopping from program to program, never settling in one place long enough to find out how really awesome they truly are and what life really could like for them six months from now, a year, five years from now.  The painted smile is permanent.

So we diagnosed the circus including the clowns and compared it to running a home business.  So are you running your business to last like a circus?  Or are you running around like a clown?

By the way – I hope you are having FUN!  And if you’re not – then come join me at Now Lifestyle where we are changing lives by creating healthier bodies, minds and bank accounts one day at a time.





Takin’ Care of Business

The last couple weeks, and actually the last few months I have had to take the time to actually focus on one, maybe two things at a time and start “takin care of business”.

After years of hard work, based on a traditional job combined with my business I have created online, I was able to purchase my home.  Of course this creates moving, packing and unpacking, decorating, rearranging, throwing out the old and finding some things new.  Really is quite fun if you think about it.

But by cutting back some things, both of my businesses did not receive the attention they deserved, and hence now focus shifts and start “takin care of business” need to change direction.  Wonder how many times you’ve been there?

So how do we stop the mad circle of neglecting one aspect of our lives in order to perfect another?

Someone told me a long time ago and it stuck –

“If you want something done, go ask a busy person”.

Think about it.  Why?

The answer I believe is all in the Mindset of the person.  The busy person does not realize they are busy, they go about their tasks as a normal part of what they do – whether it be a job, a chore, a new creation – it is part of their day and they just do it.

For some busy people, they appear organized, in control and can actually tell you what the next thing on their list will be accomplished.  Other busy people appear scattered, disorganized and have no idea what’s next – but the tasks are always complete.

Both sets of busy people have confidence in their abilities to complete a task, confidence that they can learn new things quickly if needed and have built the trust and respect of their friends and peers as the go-to person for “takin care of business”.

We all have things in our lives that we need to take care – our health as well as how we provide for ourselves and our families.  That is why I am dedicated to Now Lifestyle – it gives you the opportunity to make both a priority.  Why not take a look?


Chapel of Love

Can you remember a special time that you were completely focused – full of emotion, hope and yes VISION?  Many experiences in life can bring those emotions, but for a brief minute here I want to focus on the engagement to be married.


Oh yes – he asked you – a special time, maybe a special place – something you will never forget.  And for the next few weeks or months the focus of your thoughts were filled with a vision – a vision of how you wanted this event to happen, what it would look like, who would be there and how special you would feel.


(Enjoy a nostalgic moment with the Dixie Cups)


The Wedding Day arrives and as you are going to the Chapel, Church or wherever this special day will take place you are filled with HOPE.  Hope that everything goes well and a HOPE  that you have made a great decision in starting this new life and new adventure.  What you leave with is a strong FAITH knowing you have made the right decision and that everything will be okay.  A belief in the unity that has been brought together that will continue to grow every day of your lives.


Fast forward to the future – you are building your dream on the internet.  Have you considered using the same principles and vows you took when you married and/or solidified a relationship?


 VISION – You need a VISION of what you want for yourself.  A very clear and precise picture of what this success will bring to you and those you love and care for.  Do you see a new home?  car?  freedom?  Picture every aspect of your future, see and feel the vibrant colors, the smell of something new.  What will you be doing?  Will you still have a job or do you see Freedom to work as you please, go as you please and do as you please.  Take some time to detail every aspect of your VISION and be very clear -write it down so you can refer or change it when you need to.  Visions keep us focused.


HOPE – Hope is the beginning step to attaining your Vision.  It builds anticipation, keeps you moving towards the ultimate belief – FAITH!


FAITH – In order to achieve your VISION, FAITH is the ultimate tool to success!   FAITH begins with YOU – believing in yourself that you can do it, believing that what you are doing is the right thing for you and knowing that you are making choices that will fulfill your VISION and create HOPE for something even greater than you can envision right now.  


 Just as you would for a relationship, use the Powers within yourself – your VISION, your HOPES and your FAITH in yourself to create your future.  


I have a VISION and a FAITH strong enough for both of us to get started and would love to share.  Connect with me if you are ready to Commit to your future and start building a solid relationship that can reach far into the future.  




Time to Feel Good!

Ooooooooo!  YEAHHH!  I FEEL GOOD!

Pay attention to how you feel when you first wake up in the morning – is your very first thought of the day something positive? (overlooking the where’s the bathroom thought, lol)

Here’s a quick story of just this past week for me alone.  Early in the week I awoke not really feeling much of anything at all except maybe tired and wanting to go back to bed (yes superwoman does get tired!)  As the day progressed, it seemed to me that everyone had their grumpy face on and YES, it affects the way my day goes.

At home in the evening it was a struggle to complete everyday normal tasks such as working Facebook, sending emails and God forbid – Answer the Phone! 

This mediocre feeling filled up my days and by Wednesday – I could feel the tension, stress and anger building at warp speed.  So I vented!  Thankfully for the world – when I vent, I simply write and write and write until I have written everything out of my system.  Then I prayed and went to bed early.

Thursday I awoke, feeling better – still tired but ready to face whatever the day brings and to my surprise it was a perfectly quiet day.  Work was done (on time) and again I went to bed early.

Friday morning I woke fully rested and noted that I was feeling GOOD and set about my day.  It was a day of amazing blessings that never seemed to stop and of course I didn’t want them to.  Everything in all areas of life were looking better – family, the job and inspiration to continue following my dream.  

Friday evening I worked hard – like I haven’t in quite a while and then I did something different.  I took the last couple hours OFF, did things I enjoy and went to bed like a normal person (I really am never normal though!)

Saturday morning rolls around and OOOOOOOOO! YEAH!  I FEEL GOOD!  

Easy day at work – actually left when I wanted and Business has taken a turn upwards!  I felt So Good that I stepped out of my Comfort Zone and broke the barrier between myself and the telephone.  I actually spoke to potential leads and that by itself has me rockin’ and rollin’ and reelin’ with positive motivation!

So does the power of Positive Thinking and Positive Attitude work?  I don’t need any more proof than to look back at my own week.  The vibes we give off will come back to us – in unexpected ways sometimes – but they are there!



 So do you want to learn more about ways to stay positive?  Simply send me a message and I will get back to you.  

Please Like, Comment and Share if you received any value from this!

Now THIS is something I’m Good At

 I can’t change the world, no I can’t change a flat
If you give me your heart, girl, well, you may never get it back
You said you’d never smile again, but oh no, here it comes
Would you look at that?
I finally found somethin’ I’m good at

What a FUN song and power packed with such a Great lesson!  

Did you know that if you truly want to be successful, the best way to do it is by doing something you love.  When you love what you are doing, then you will learn everything there is about it and it will become something you ARE GOOD AT!

Through the years I wrote poetry, mostly for my pleasure and for family and friends.  I was good at it and I wish today I still had copies of some of the poems I wrote.   But in that same area, I love to write and being online these days has taught me so much about writing, I absolutely love it!  This is something I’m GOOD AT!  The day is coming soon, I will be able to take the time and write a book, or maybe two and I am confident that they (and I) will be successful.

I build funnels – a new skill I have developed since becoming an online entrepreneur.  Something I truly enjoy and the competition with myself is fierce.  Every time I develop a new funnel, I am motivated to push harder and design something better than the one before it.  Sure there are plenty of programs out there that can build a funnel system for me – but the satisfaction of seeing something 100% unique is very self-gratifying.  Of course each new funnel creates results and the ability to see what works and what doesn’t is exciting – maybe a tweak here or there and finally a product that works!

My latest talent that is still under construction is teaching/coaching how to build a business online.  I found a team of like minded people that help each of us learn how to pass it along and create success for anyone open minded to learn.  This is what I’m working on getting good at.

Change a flat tire?  Not something I would be good at but help create or coach something for the internet, that I can do.


Now it’s your turn.

1.  Make a list of things that you do well right now.

2.  Make a list of things you want to learn to do well.

3.  Check the list.  Is there something you already know how to do well that will help you get started with something that you would like to learn to do well?

4.  Pick one thing and concentrate on that.  Google it, read about it, find a mentor or a teacher to help you learn.

5.  TAKE ACTION!  Don’t wait until you are good at it!  You won’t really know until you get started and try.

6.  Refine and refresh and keep doing it!  If you love it, this will be automatic!

Remember, THE KEY is to “Finally find Something You’re Good at!”

I would love to hear your comments and if you would like to discuss something You’re Good at or talk about the things I’m Good At – Simply connect with me!  

Find Me on Facebook and Let’s Talk!

Passion and the Impossible Dream

“My definition of a Hero is “A man doing his job the best he can””

Did you watch from beginning to end – I have goose pimples!  

Inspiration can be found in the least likely places sometimes.  I still recall growing up, I was probably mid-teens and I loved watching Gomer Pyle.  What a goofball, but what I enjoyed most was no matter what went wrong, he never gave up and usually came out on top  (of course he had no clue how).  Then the show released where he sang! OMG!  

So where else do we find inspiration and motivation to help us accomplish our dreams?  Honestly it’s everywhere and anywhere – but most of all it’s deep within you!  

Each time I see a child smile or a new baby crying – it motivates me to do more.  Take a walk in nature and see the beauty that surrounds me – it inspires me to do more and to be more creative awakening the passion inside.

I listen to music – all genres and simply let it flow through me.  Passion and imagination awaken to keep moving forward.  Listen to an inspirational speaker, for example Tony Robbins, and the urge to get up and get it done RIGHT NOW happens.

Videos showing the kind heart of people helping people simply because it’s in their heart, the new Hero’s of today can only motivate me to be a better person on my quest for success.  And don’t forget the video’s of the flash mobs or the one person that simply stands up and begins to sing!  I haven’t found one yet that doesn’t leave a feeling of joy, thankfulness and inspiration.

“The Impossible Dream” is NOT Impossible for any one of us – it simply is the conscious effort of reaching within ourselves, overcoming fears and replacing that fear with passion.  Then and only then is the door to success open!


Would you like to know more about me and how I plan to succeed in my dreams?  Simply connect with me and let’s chat or leave me a comment below and I’ll find you.  Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE if you DREAM with passion!

Shall we meet in Xanadu?

One of my all time favorite movies.  It has all the ingredients – love, laughter, fantasy and dreams.  The movie is so close to real life for marketers and entrepreneurs – it’s almost frightening!

Artist sees girl, Artist finds girl, Artist loses girl and meets a wise but sad retired musician.  Ahh but this musician has secrets and dreams.  He dreams of creating a place that brings worlds together, young and old, classic and modern under one roof and thus XANADU is born!

The young artist and the old musician work together creating the dream, not always seeing eye to eye but both keeping their eye on the prize!

Two people working together to create one dream while deep in their hearts, they have separate dreams.  The musician dreams of the beauty of his dream accomplished as well as bringing back passions from days past.  The artist dreams of owning his own piece of the business, getting the goddess Kira and a future filled with never ending dreams.

In life, as marketers and entrepreneurs – we all began in the same place.  We have a dream – a dream that is personal to each one of us individually and yet we all share many aspects of the same dream.

If I were to ask you right now what it is that you hope to accomplish working online – many would answer – financial security, usually including not just yourself but loved ones as well, freedom to work wherever you please and the freedom to be exactly who you are.  I have those same ambitions.

Now imagine if we met and began to work as a TEAM!  Do you think we could accomplish our dreams?  Do you think we would be working towards a single common dream?

Of course we would on both counts – building and refining our individual dreams as well as helping others to build their dreams!  Now that’s success!

Working with a TEAM has many benefits – but the greatest of all is the ability to support one another, even when times are tough and celebrate together the successes each member of the TEAM has.

One final thought that comes from the movie.  There are no accidental meetings – and it is up to you and to me to decide what that meeting represents.  Sometimes it is simply there to exchange ideas, methods and new ways of approaching something.  Sometimes we meet to share “old ways and values” to mingle with new technology and ways.

Continue to dream – dream BIG and dream often!  You will find the support, the TEAM and the success if you simply believe in dreams (and XANADU!)



Interested in joining me in XANADU?  Send me a message and we’ll get to know each other first while we discuss our dreams future.