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Got Your Game On?

“Haven’t we met somewhere before?”

“Can I buy you another drink?”

“Hey pretty lady, ……….”


Recognize these lines or similar ones?  I am sure that unless you are very young, at some point, somewhere, someone has tried a pick up line on you.  Some may work, others don’t and some are simply ridiculous.

But the person using this line is confident, sure he will succeed.  He/she has their game on!

Is it a mask, being a phoney or is it real?  The answer is as individual and varied for each and every person.  Some people have a natural gift and can approach anyone, others are figuring out who they are and others play copycat with the attitude ‘it worked for him, why not me?’

The video below depicts a confident person teaching someone how to copy his movements to gain the girl.  Watch close to see who gets the girl and how it was done.

When you finish laughing, did you catch it?  Trace Adkins does an excellent job of portraying the ‘confident’ man who can have any woman he wants and he is here to show you just how to do it.

Think for a moment about whatever you are trying to accomplish in life – your dreams.  Each of us has to learn, then act in order to make positive steps forward.  You find a great teacher and instinct tells you to simply copy what the teacher does and you too will succeed.


WRONG!  Learning basic skills and the knowledge it takes is one thing, but to copy every detail or every word is NOT going to bring you success!

To reach success, take the tools you have, mix with the lessons of a mentor and make them your own – in other words, “Get YOUR Game On”, not someone else’s.

From performing a sport or art to building a business from home, people will react   to simply you being honest and true to YOURSELF and sharing that with them.  That is a major step to simple and honest success.

Time to “Get YOUR Game On” and go knock ’em dead!



And they will come ……

Remember the movie “Field of Dreams” – and of course I know you’ve heard, seen, read “If you build it –  they will come.



Nothing could be more real or more true!  For Marketers and Home Business Entrepreneurs – the key to your success is to BUILD IT (and yourself) and they WILL COME!


Are you ready to start building?  Let me know what you are building now and maybe we can find a way to build together – knowing “they will come


Leave me a comment or connect with me on:

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Money Success Mindset


 Last night I was having one of those inspirational conversations that I frequently have with a dear friend who shares the same hopes and aspirations that I do and all of a sudden this little light goes off – you know that “AHA” moment.  


Money – “the root of all evil” or is it?  Money also pays the bills, vacations, healthcare and to some degree freedom.  “Money talks” and it seems that people listen to those with money, but I must ask this question “If money is the only thing you are concerned with, is your life truly fulfillling?”


Several years ago I set out to change my world, have all the things I ever wanted and find a way to leave that daily grind of a “job“.   I wanted enough money to travel, buy that new car and home and simply have everything I ever wanted.  So how did I do?


Well let’s put it this way – I discovered I had a whole lot to learn evenomoneyn at my age when I thought I knew everything!  The most important thing I had to learn was to discover the fact that “money” is not what I was looking for!


YES, I still want to be able to have whatever I want, the home, the car, to retire but more importantly – I WANT TO SHARE, TO WRITE, TO COACH/TEACH and have people respect and listen to what I have to offer.  In essence that is called Leadership and I am well on the road to success!


Am I making money? YES I am and will continue to grow in that area with 2017 being the best year ever (and some of my original hopes will come true!).   Ask me how much I am making?  My answer to you is “I’m on the course to my success and my goals which are probably not the same as yours – are you?  Have you really decided what it will take to realize success and is that success solely based on money?”



 With that being said, to reach success you need education and tools.  Education on being able to arrive at the right mindset that creates success (and yes money) and tools to start building your vision.  


I have an ongoing education and tools that improve almost daily with the TOTAL SHORTCUT and would love the opportunity to share them with you.  Simply click the link below or leave a comment requesting more information and I will walk you through your next step to succeeding in your dream!



The Penning Passion

blog2   def passion

Have you ever taken a look at all the different kinds of blogs out there today?  There are BLOGS for personal passions, information, teaching, news and the list goes on and on.


Next take a look at the many ways BLOGS are written and/or delivered.


1.  Written as if they were keeping a journal – simply keeping notes of events that are happening.

2.  Written scientifically with facts and credits

3.  Written as if to tell a story or simply help the average person relate to the subject material.

4.  And don’t forget the Video Blog – who various ways of delivering a message we will delve into at a later date.


There is no right or wrong way to deliver the information given in a blog, but there is one important key to make a BLOG great – that key is PASSION!


Every writer must find their passion and the story / article will come easily.


I choose to write the majority of my articles from a ‘layman’s’ point of view – comparing the past to the present, delving into people, places, things or teachings that are relevant not only to building my business but to personal growth and development.


These are filled with my deep love for writing and allowing all readers a level of interpretation they can understand at any level.  Many are written with humor and yes all conclude pointing to one of my opportunities that I love to share.



So what is the point of this article?  (yes, the “aha” moment has come)


Anyone can write a blog – Everyone has a story to share and how you choose to share it is up to you.  Find what inspires you – sets your Passions on fire and begin to share YOU with the world.


When you put your PEN to PAPER, be sure that what you are about to share is done with PASSION – something that you feel strongly about, have experienced or able to teach the masses.  


Feel it, Believe it and then tell it with ‘PENNING PASSION‘!


Would you like to have a blog just like this to start sharing your PASSION with the world?  How about a Blog that is simple to use and has plenty of ideas to help you get started?  Check out the TOTAL SHORTCUT – it’s included!



 Click the button to learn more!





Are You Visible?

For today’s marketers the fast and crazy world of networking is taking the internet by storm – and not to be left behind is the great social platform – Facebook!


There are books, reports, seminars, webinars – everything you can imagine on how to use this powerful tool – but the key to success with social marketing is the word “use” – in other words take action!


So I have chosen a very simple method of building my presence and leads on Facebook taught by the Leadership Council of Empower Network.  The steps are clear and simple, so why is it so hard to accomplish?


Now I tend to be very picky about who I want to actually join me on Social Media – this is the first step to qualify you if we can actually work together.  Here is what I am finding that disqualifies so many potential leads:


1.  I click on the leads profile and the first thing I see is “if you want to see what “John Doe” shares with friends, please request to friend” or something similar.  Question:  How do I know if I want to be friends – I need to see what you are all about?  


2.  I’ve clicked on profiles and although “Jane” is advertising whatever venture/business she wants you to join – there is not a single post on her profile indicating that “Jane” is building her dream of creating a business online.  Question:  Is “Jane” serious about building her dream?


3.  I click on “Robert’s” profile page and there are beautiful pictures of half dressed women, or “Sally” has pages and pages of political opinion or worse “Tony” plays a whole lot of Facebook games and appears to not have time for much else.   Question:  Are Robert, Sally or Tony the kind of people I want working beside me building dreams?


So YES, maybe I am too picky and maybe I jump to conclusions – but I would have to recommend that if you want to build your presence  using social media and you want to network with like-minded individuals, then consider this:



a.  Become visible to the world – be proud of you, your family and the fact that you are building a dream


b.  Play games, enjoy politics but keep the rhetoric down and the posts to a minimum.


A healthy balance of who you are, what you believe and where you are going makes for an excellent social media page for potential partners/affiliates to decide if you can join together to build success and DON’T FORGET TO BE VISIBLE!  You could be losing leads/contacts!


Happy New Year Blessings

I wanted to take a moment to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR no matter what part of the world you live in. Did you realize we share many blessings together that can take us far into the future and into our dreams?


Blessing #1
What a blessing we received when we crossed paths in the quest for our dreams – you know the one – the one that gives us FREEDOM.

Blessing #2
The DAILY SHORTCUT which is run Monday through Friday every week giving us the POWER to LEARN absolutely Free – and can be used in all areas of our lives – creating strong, special people ready for our dreams.

Blessing #3
The ability to communicate with anyone open to sharing their ideas, their dreams and yes the path to obtain them. The ability to use Social Media, Skype, Messenger and more opens doors for all of us, whether we speak the same native language or not!

Blessing #4
Last, but definitely not least – the knowledge that each of us gains through our many endeavors that YES – we can do this! We CAN create the life we desire, become a Leader, a Teacher, a Writer and more.


I share these blessings with you and wish you a Blessed,Prosperous New Year in 2017.


My gift to you is the DAILY SHORTCUT LIBRARY where all the lessons are stored in one place and updated weekly. Grow with me, Lead with me and together we will be FREE!



(P.S. – If you would like to receive the DAILY SHORTCUTS every day, simply select ANY lesson and then collect the bonuses.  This will put you on a list to receive each new Shortcut.)

Christmas Shopping Dreams …

Anyone that knows me, knows this is my favorite time of the year!



I love the lights and the hustle and bustle of everyone, but more importantly I love that most people show their loving, caring spirits more openly.  I see more people singing and smiling, dancing when no one is looking and just truly enjoy the season.


Then comes the little thing called SHOPPING!  Making sure you find the perfect gift for each person and for most of us, making sure that we can afford all the gifts we wish to give.

Beautiful woman shopping online for Christmas.


So let’s make a list of what we do if we are buying, let’s say a TOY for someone special.


1.  First we envision in our minds what we believe we would like this TOY to be (just as your envision your dream of becoming successful online).



2.  Then we pick a few stores where we can start to browse for the ideal TOY (just as we pick programs to start building a business) always taking care of the quality of the TOY (program) and yes, the cost.


3.  Another thing I look at before buying is how much work is involved to put this TOY together so our special one can jump right in and start playing with it.  (There is always work involved with any program, but some definitely make it easier to get up and running – especially Total Shortcut’s Done for You DAILY SHORTCUT).


Now ask yourself this – do I buy three different TOYS to make sure I get the perfect gift OR do I just purchase the one I BELIEVE is the perfect gift?  (How many programs will you buy before knowing you have a program that YOU can work and make YOUR dreams come true?)


Have you finished your shopping yet?  I would love to show you a program that will easily provide you with the foundation of tomorrow’s dreams – simply click the greeting below!





Time to Brake or Break?

I woke up tired this morning, but I dragged myself out of bed, showered, dressed and went to work.  Then I made the two hour drive to the country to continue with what needs to be finished here.




Why do I do this?  Well I’m one of these people who never quit – there are things to do, dreams to fulfill and dreams to be made.  Obligations and responsibilities to be met and most of all – I just plain enjoy life – whether I’m working, studying or spending time in a nursing home visiting – this is what I do – how I make my mark in the world.




WHOA!  Every now and then it does the mind and body good to simply put the BRAKES on!  Give yourself a BREAK and do something different.  It is okay to let your mind and body relax, try something different and just let go of routine.


Simply doing something different, out of the ordinary can overcome this tremondous feeling of exhaustion we get (taking a BREAK).  As online entrepreneurs, taking the time to do something physical will actually cure that mind exhaustion  I plan to continue packing around the house, blaring a bit of music and probably a little dancing (that I’m glad the world can’t see!).


Later I plan to completely slow down (put the BRAKES ON) and maybe watch a movie, video or something to allow the body to relax into a different BREAK mode.


Are you ready to put on the BRAKE and take a BREAK with something new and different?  Check out my library of Daily Shortcuts that I do update on Sundays – a collection of every Daily Shortcut to date allowing you to choose what you watch when you have a minute. Simply click the image below!



Bang Bang – Understood?

Have you ever felt that no one understands you?  Or one of my favorite sayings is “Did I just speak Chinese?” only to get a blank stare back at me.  




No so long ago, I wrote a memo to my staff at work – very eloquent letter with some very positive points.  I was trying to convey a message that did not appear to be getting through to anyone when I just spoke it very bluntly.  The response to that letter was:


1.  One employee said “Please point to the part that applies to me and I’ll concentrate on that

2.  Another semi laughed and stated – “Okay, I get it

3.  A third employee stated “I didn’t quite understand it all, but I did understand you were pissed!”  (And I was, lol)


Was this Memo effective?  Actually it was – written in the same style that I write many of my blogs, something they were unaccustomed to hearing/reading.  


I attribute this to the fact that I had taken the time to pick and choose my words very carefully for the audience that was about to receive it – staying positive, clear and firm all at the same time.  


So why were the reactions so different?  Now this is the fun part and Dave Wood explains it all in today’s Daily Shortcut.  You really want to take a few minutes and hear this – it could change the way you do business!


Click Here for Today’s Daily Shortcut



Turn the page

Think back ten years ago – are you the same person now as you were then?  Many of us will answer “NO!” to that question and I would venture a guess that each of us has a story to share that changed the person we are now from the person whom we used to be.

This is what “life changing events” do for us – they open our eyes, our senses and our spirits to seeing things in a whole new perspective.  Some events are very personal and some are circumstances that change.  For me it was 12 years ago – burying my husband and realizing I was on my own to take care of myself.  Things had to change – I HAD TO CHANGE!


 With the right attitude and a strong will to change the future – today I am doing things I never even knew existed before then.  I had never been on the internet, considered creating my own business or known that I could actually write with the ability to share with the world!  How exciting this new life has become!

What has this to do with working online?  Behind every life changing event, no matter how great or small – the ability to persist and move on is instilled with each of us – the ability to work and thrive consistently day after day develops our strong ethics, and more importantly our work ethic.


Today’s Daily Shortcut is by a woman who is highly respected today, Tracey Walker, as a coach, motivator and the “Million Dollar Momma“.  Listen to her story – she tells about her life altering event that motivated her to the woman she is today!