Four Seasons to Success!

hallo_seasonLife is all about seasons.  The first set of seasons that comes to mind are the weather related seasons that we experience same time every year.


There are celebratory seasons that we follow that are determined by culture, faith and beliefs.  These include but not limited to holiday seasons, season for love, mating season and so on.  Some people believe in seasons of life – also known as stages or chapters.  Life seasons can be determined by age, level of succeess and much more.


I am writing this article for the millions that have a dream.  Those who dream at succeeding in something that is personal to them – something that becomes life altering and the cycle repeats itself year after year, season after season.


SEASON ONE – (Winter Season)   winter2


The first season is the season of preparation.  When dreams begin, they can become overwhelming, the mind begins to feel the sensation of huge drifts piling up.


First one idea, then another and slowly, methodically we start piecing together exactly what we want, and preparing exactly how we plan to get there.


A time to clean up social media to prepare the path for newer, more exciting people, places and ideas to put forth.  Season one clears pathways in the mind making room for all the new that is about to spring forth.


spring_seasonSEASON TWO (Spring Season)


As season one begins to melt into season two, now is the time to begin planting the seeds of your dream. Spring, as we know it, brings new life into our worlds, sunshine and re-energizes everyone and everything.


Moving to Season Two allows the dream to begin to take shape, planting seeds, taking the first steps that represent moving forward towards your goals and dreams.  For some, this changing of seasons happens very rapidly with a very small winter season, while for some the time between seasons takes much longer.  The decision to move quickly or more carefully is determined by you – the one with the dream and how you accomplish moving forward.


summer_seasonSEASON THREE (Summer Season)


The most exciting of the seasons begins with summer.  Your seeds are blooming, petals floating in gentle breezes and new seeds are planted.  Every day you nurture your plants and frequently have the pleasure of picking a few to enjoy.


Summer marks a time for taking action, constantly moving forward, enjoying small successes, planting more seeds.  Action taken day after day as the dream begins to unfold right before your eyes.


autumnSEASON FOUR (Autumn Harvest)


Dreams are realized through every season.  Sailing from summer to Autumn is to begin harvesting from prior seasons planting and nurturing.


Successes are seen everywhere around and now is the time to begin harvesting.  The time to enjoy the beauty of all you have created is now and to begin sharing with those in your circle.  Harvesting includes setting aside good seeds for the next planting and throwing out bad seeds that could damage your future crops / successes.


As your dream develops, you enter a ever-revolving cycle through the seasons to achieve your goal.


ONE – Plan, design, develop strategies and clear the mind to prepare

TWO – Plant good seeds daily that will blossom and grow

THREE – Time of action.  Nurture, pluck, enjoy.

FOUR – Harvest the success and save the good seeds!


Knowing and understanding the four seasons to success will help you develop sound plans and goals to reach as you enter into each season.  With every complete cycle, success increases, dreams are realized and new dreams begin to form.


What season are you in?  How many seasons have you passed through?


Living Gilligan Style!

gilligan1“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, Aboard this tiny ship.


The mate was a mighty sailing man, The skipper brave and sure.  Five passengers set sail that day, For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.  ……”


I was fortunate to grow up watching “Gilligan’s Island” and watch this unlikely group of people come together time after time to resolve problems and find solutions that I am positive none ever knew existed.  What a Team to have on your side!


The last show of the original series aired on April 17, 1967 but the principles of teamwork and interacting with people still exist today.  Many of the people I know today live on a deserted island called the internet.  Contact with the real world, interacting with ‘live’ people is seldom, much easier to turn on a computer.  Like most, the purpose was never intended to be stranded on a computer hour after hour, building a new life, new dreams and shutting out the rest of the world.  Circumstances drove us there, but for the professors and skippers out there, there is a way to break free and return to civilization.


gilliganCan you imagine being Gilligan?  Clumsy, lacking in self confidence, afraid of your own shadow?


On the flip side, Gilligan regularly came up with outlandish schemes that even if they backfired, actually worked!  Hmmm!  Think I could be like that, maybe!


Maybe you are more like the Skipper – strong and supportive, ever watchful of taking care of his crew and carries a heart of gold.  A man who shouldered the responsibility of bringing this cast to the deserted island, tirelessly tried to find a way to be rescued while protecting each and every person there?   Many a great leader takes the responsibility and leadership to great lengths, making sure that everyone is taken care of in a way that best suits their needs.


thehowellsEvery team/group that works together has at least one person that represents the “Howell’s”.  You know the type – the “entitled” person that believes success should simply happen or be given to them.  Work!?!  Out of the question!


Given the proper incentive though, the Howell’s always came through and did their part, helping the entire team reach the success they were after.


maryannOne of my personal favorites on the show was MaryAnn.  A sweet young woman that simply brings joy to everyone she encounters.  Somewhat insecure when being in the shadow of a Movie Star “Ginger”, but in the end her small town country girl charm with a large dose of intelligence won the hearts of everyone.


Every team / organization has at least one MaryAnn – the person that can be counted on to do the endless, menial tasks no one else wants to do.  The one who seldom speaks their mind, but when they do – everyone listens!


gilligan2So here it is – 2019!  We have created our own deserted islands, and formed relationships all over the world that work together, play together and succeed together.  It takes the Gilligans, Skippers, Howells and MaryAnn’s of the world finding each other on our islands to create teams / businesses / dreams to propel us towards the success each of us yearn for.  Sprinkle in a few Gingers and Professors to create logic and beauty in all our daily lives and solutions are created by this huge networking of people.


So are you ready to jump on my ship, take a cruise and see what island we land on?  (Click HERE )

Let me close simply with the final words of the Gilligan Theme Song –



 So this is the tale of our castaways,
They’re here for a long, long time.
They’ll have to make the best of things,
It’s an uphill climb.

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Round and Round We Go!

carouselRound and round we go …. Where you STOP is ALL in your control!

Do you believe in Karma?  Or maybe you believe in Murphy’s Law?

Life can be full of surprises, but it never fails to teach us a lesson – whether we like it or not!

As I am sitting here writing today, I am working yet again another eighteen shift at work.  Another person with a life crises preventing them from being where they should be when they should be.

What is my lesson in this?  Not to get upset or angry – things happen and it is not personal!  My first instinct was to start a negative thought and I caught myself – No! No! No!  “Don’t do it” I told myself – you will NEVER move past this circle if you do!

Instead I have decided to catch up on some writing and other things that have been neglected over the past month due to this continuing circle.  (I’ll have to get back to you to let you know how it works out!)

Each of us has had plenty of opportunities to learn lessons very similar to this.  Think about the last time you had big plans and a child became ill, preventing the plans from moving forward.  Or maybe the car broke down.  What was your reaction?

empty_pocketsNow think about building a business from home.  Thousands of people get started every single day with high hopes of leaving their current position next month or six months from now.  Some may actually achieve this goal and others will find it painstakingly slow – either get frustrated or simply give up!

One of the main reasons most end up on the slow side is lack of resources.  They jump on the internet merry-go-round and think that building a business or building a dream is easy and fast.  Your internet may be at warp speed, but trust me “empty pockets” will not build an empire overnight.

Time to hop off that merry-go-round, get realistic and become creative.  If you want it bad enough, you WILL find a way to create the resources you need to succeed, overcome those fears of meeting new people “live” and build the solid foundation to something YOU are proud of!


Lessons life teaches us surround us every day.  Taking the time to recognize that you are being handed an opportunity to learn is all about YOUR perception!

Next time you find a situation that seems to keep repeating itself, don’t ask yourself why, but instead ask yourself what circle am I stuck in and what do I need to do to move forward past it?  It’s time to STOP going round and round – JUMP OFF and move forward to the next level!

I love to read comments, so please feel free to leave your comments.  Hop on over and grab my New Book “Creating a Successful Mindset” – available on Kindle or paperback on Amazon.  Simply click the book below to choose your version!







Succeed with Sass!

I Love Sass!  At least when it’s done right!

Before you get the wrong idea, there are two ways to look at “sass” – the first and most common thought people have is that being sassy is disrespectful and/or defiant.  But when I think of ‘sass’, I think of defying the norm mixed with a saucy cleverness that when done properly brings a smile to even the hardest of souls.

Years ago my loving cat had a litter of five which included a set of twins.  I named the twins Pete and Repeat, but the one that stood out was the runt of the litter.  A tiny solid black kitten with a tiny white spec on her nose and one paw.  But when she wanted attention, she got it!  I named her Sassy and she spent every day living up to her name.

kittysassNo, this isn’t the litter.  That was done years before I considered owning a cell phone or even a computer, and yes there was a time not so long ago that people survived without electronic gadgets. (Just a bit of sass!)

That little bit of sass there in the picture is leading the way to where they want to go and I would say from the look in her eye, you do not want to get in her way.  Try standing in the way of a seriously creative and sassy person leading their way to success!  (Not me, no way!)

Another way to use ‘sass’ to your benefit is dealing with people.  One of the highlights of my day as I run my hotel is to have a guest approach me, angry, upset and plain rude.  I can stand there and listen, even smile through the entire verbage and then when it finally gets quiet, a simple quiet response “I hope you have a wonderful day!  You just made mine that way!” and walk away.  A lot of mouths drop and rarely is there a response uttered behind me.  Do you have rude guests?  Try it – just a little bit of sass can turn the entire situation around and if it doesn’t’ – at least one of you feels bigger and better than the other.


Combine a little creativity with a little sass when you advertise your business.  This picture represents combining the flavor of tacos with the flavor of doritoes, but I feel confident is stating when you buy and open a bag, you will not find a taco with all the fixings in it.  Very clever and simply looking at it, very sassy.

Sass is a learned skill for many, and a natural ability for just as many.  It doesn’t matter if you have it or learn it, the idea is to simply use it!  Be BOLD!  Be Creative!  Be Sassy!

No Crying Allowed ….

nocrying I was reminded today of the classic line from the movie ‘A League of their Own’ – “There’s no Crying in Baseball” .  What a classic movie with several classic quotes that hold true for many of life’s trials.

It also brings to mind “No use crying over spilt milk“, and I always love to add – Simply clean it up.

We all have those days where life gets in the way of our dreams and if we give into the little problems that pop up, before you realize it, the little things have become something much larger, seemingly unsurmountable.


Stop and think about it.  Baseball is a great example – a player strikes out once.  It gets into his head and next bat up, he strikes out again.  Third time around, he loosens up and hits a fly ball – OUT!  The next day, the same cycle repeats itself and before you know it, the player begins to question what he is doing wrong.  This feeling is projected to the coach, who ends up sitting the player on the bench for a game.  Why?  So he can get his head on straight.

If you are building a business and you have a bad day, the day ends with feelings of possible insecurity, a dent in our self confidence and questioning what did we do wrong?

“You got yourself in the league. I got you on the train.”

— Dottie Hinson to Kit Keller

bbdreamWhat if we took the time to readjust the way we handle the bad day – the strike outs, stock crashes, computer crash or just communication difficulties?

A simple change in the way we think can turn the entire experience into a good, maybe even great, day.  For example, instead of asking ourselves what we did wrong, flip it and ask yourself  “what did I learn from this ….. and how can I use it to change things for the better”.

Instead of dwelling on the negative vibes that we create for ourselves, a little mind switch changing it to a positive and focusing on the future game, day, etc can change the entire outcome next time around.

Whether you are playing a sport or building a business from home, this is YOUR dream – a passion that only you and your mind can make happen.  Great days happen, but not overnight, but determination and focus on what will happen is enough to turn even the worst of days into a learning, positive experience.

Easy to do?  Not aways – but I will close this with my favorite quote of the movie.

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard … is what makes it great.”

— Jimmy Dugan



Got Your Game On?

“Haven’t we met somewhere before?”

“Can I buy you another drink?”

“Hey pretty lady, ……….”


Recognize these lines or similar ones?  I am sure that unless you are very young, at some point, somewhere, someone has tried a pick up line on you.  Some may work, others don’t and some are simply ridiculous.

But the person using this line is confident, sure he will succeed.  He/she has their game on!

Is it a mask, being a phoney or is it real?  The answer is as individual and varied for each and every person.  Some people have a natural gift and can approach anyone, others are figuring out who they are and others play copycat with the attitude ‘it worked for him, why not me?’

The video below depicts a confident person teaching someone how to copy his movements to gain the girl.  Watch close to see who gets the girl and how it was done.

When you finish laughing, did you catch it?  Trace Adkins does an excellent job of portraying the ‘confident’ man who can have any woman he wants and he is here to show you just how to do it.

Think for a moment about whatever you are trying to accomplish in life – your dreams.  Each of us has to learn, then act in order to make positive steps forward.  You find a great teacher and instinct tells you to simply copy what the teacher does and you too will succeed.


WRONG!  Learning basic skills and the knowledge it takes is one thing, but to copy every detail or every word is NOT going to bring you success!

To reach success, take the tools you have, mix with the lessons of a mentor and make them your own – in other words, “Get YOUR Game On”, not someone else’s.

From performing a sport or art to building a business from home, people will react   to simply you being honest and true to YOURSELF and sharing that with them.  That is a major step to simple and honest success.

Time to “Get YOUR Game On” and go knock ’em dead!



Are you Visible and Enticing?

Here is an update of an old blog post – always a good reminder as times change, audience changes and so forth. 

For today’s marketers the fast and crazy world of networking is taking the internet by storm – and not to be left behind is the great platform – Facebook and Social Media!


There are books, reports, seminars, webinars – everything you can imagine on how to use this powerful tool – but the key to success with social media marketing is the word “use” – in other words take action!  This powerful tool is just like any other tool we use to build our business – you set goals, research where and when to use it, set up how you plan to use it and then actually follow through with the strategies you have devised consistently day after day.  Social media tends to be very fickle – you can take a day off once in a while, but disappear for more than that, and you risk losing all the hard work you have put into it. 

 This post covers Step One of the process for using Social Media – using Facebook as the basis.  It covers setting up the profile page – which must be done for all social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Linked-In and more and the same rules apply to all for gaining respect and attention.


Now I tend to be very picky about who I want to actually join me on Social Media – this is the first step for qualifying to see if we can actually work together.  Here is what I am finding that disqualifies so many potential leads:

1.  I click on the potential leads profile and the first thing I see is “if you want to see what “John Doe” shares with friends, please request to friend” or something similar.  Question:  How do I know if I want to be friends – I need to see what you are all about?  

2.  I’ve clicked on profiles and although “Jane” is advertising whatever venture/business she wants you to join – there is not a single post on her profile indicating that “Jane” is building her dream of creating a business online.  Question:  Is “Jane” serious about building her dream?

3.  I click on “Robert’s” profile page and there are beautiful pictures of half dressed women, or “Sally” has pages and pages of political opinion or worse “Tony” plays a whole lot of Facebook games and appears to not have time for much else.   Question:  Are Robert, Sally or Tony the kind of people I want working beside me building dreams?  Secondly:  Do I want Robert’s, Sally’s or Tony’s posts showing up on my wall/timeline for my friends and/or future associates to see?

So YES, maybe I am too picky and maybe I jump to conclusions – but I would have to recommend that if you want to build your presence  using social media and you want to network with like-minded individuals, then consider this:


a.  Become visible to the world – be proud of  you, your family and the fact that you are building a dream

b.  Play games, enjoy politics but keep the rhetoric down and the posts to a minimum.  

c.  Remember to list what you do in your profile – not necessarily who you are associated with.  If you are in marketing – there are many titles to give yourself – Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, etc.  There are Work from Home Moms, Dads, Couples – be creative, attention getting.  Leave the product a mystery so that potential buyers start a conversation with you to find out more.

d.  Most importantly – You need to be VISIBLE!  This means you can not hide behind the little button setting your information to “private” and only friends can see what you post.  If you want people to get to know you, they need to see you.

One thing to consider is that on Facebook you have friends, but you also gain Followers IF you are open to the public.  Followers can be just as important to your growing business as friends and  can share what you do giving you a larger reach without you having to ‘friend’ them and having their posts in your timeline.

A healthy balance of who you are, what you believe and where you are going makes for an excellent social media page for potential partners/affiliates to decide if you can join together to build success as long as you DON’T FORGET TO BE VISIBLE!  Remember – You could be losing leads/contacts!



Act Naturally

A common question that comes up from people that are new to coaching, teaching or even just selling is “how do you know what to say?”  What a great question and the best answer you can get is to simply say “Be yourself and Act Naturally.”  But what does that really mean?


Meet Molly – my playful  calico child preparing to pounce on the fish that is swimming across the Ipad.  She loves this game. Why?  It is natural for cats to want to go after fish, birds, anything that moves – even things they think move.

Yesterday I put together one of those tower toys for her with several little things attached for her to do, scratch, etc and I didn’t show her how to use anything – she simply began playing, having fun and it took only a few short minutes to discover why she received her new perch.  I had placed it right where she could watch the birds and myself come and go.  She simply acted naturally and found her new spot.


Let’s go into a few tips on how you can act naturally on a phone call and still sound like you know exactly what you are talking about (even when you don’t!)

First few things you need to do is get prepared for your call.  If you will be using a cell phone or phone that needs to be charged, make sure you have a strong charge prior to making the call – nothing worse than having the battery signal you halfway through a phone call.

Choose an area where you are comfortable and relaxed, but not overly comfortable – you need to be able to pay attention to the call, not a TV, radio or other distractions.  Children and pets can not always be avoided, but hopefully you have chosen a time they can be occupied doing other things.  If you are like myself, I get dry quickly, so I always have a tall glass of water or tea with me to avoid this problem.


Time to make the call.  Time to act naturally and be yourself.

Relax, greet your customer, guest, whomever just as if they were someone you are really interested in getting to know.  Introduce yourself with the name you want to be called and your company, but then step away from business for a few.  Concentrate on making your new ‘friend’ comfortable.  Where are they from?  You can talk weather, sports, landmarks or family – just learn from them for a few minutes and see what exactly stirs their passion.

Slowly bring up business by asking what they have done in the past – always nice to know up front if you have someone brand new or who might actually be able to teach you something (and it does happen!)


Start working towards the outcome you would like to see the call have – the next step for your new ‘friend’ to do or take along with an appointment in a few days to follow up.  Minimize this first call in time – it takes the pressure off you, off your new friend and still can be very productive for both of you.

Now that wasn’t hard, was it?  Most of it was simply getting to know you stuff – and making a new friend.  During the course of that conversation you conducted a small amount of business that will benefit your new friend as well as your business and any future calls will be much easier now that you have broken that barrier.


I enjoy making new friends every day and having those conversations can be very relaxing for me.

Now Lifestyle – the product – a program where health, fitness and diet come before anything else is a one of kind system that continues to improve regularly.

Now Lifestyle – the business – that promotes the system PLUS the product is a fantastic way to improve your health and fitness, where increasing your financial success at the same time.  Interested in trying one of the conversations I’ve talked about?  Click the banner above and let’s schedule a talk after!



Monkey Business

It is said that if you want to be successful, then you must embrace social media.  My first thought when this new method came into being was “Ughhh!”


The monkey/chimpanzee is one of the most social animals on the planet – one who can mimic much of what we humans do.  Their culture mimics that of ours with an “alpha” male that leads the tribe and many smaller divisions that are considered “families”.   Short of speaking our language, one would have to wonder what the chimp must think or speak of when he plays our guitars, smokes our cigars or has a drink given to him.

I was determined that I was not going to do what everyone else did – monkey see, monkey do!  How could social media help me create success?  All my friends were family, personal friends and only a handful from various business opportunities I had been involved with.


I sat back, I listened, I watched and at first didn’t really see much of anything.  If you really knew me, you would know I can be quite shy – like our friend here, the Koala Bear.  It is far more comfortable to hide behind a tree (computer screen), than to actually reach out and start posting or talking to strangers who haven’t asked me for information to start with.

I continued to watch and learn, and then started actually taking some of the program classes offered by various programs.  Of course everyone has their own specialty – whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or one of the many other media’s available.


I began dabbling first with Facebook and oh my!  I really can do this!  I made new friends, connections and started having conversations and building business.  I added Twitter slowly and Instagram and still dabble at adding more little by little.  I really had no idea there were as many outlets available as there are, enough to make your head spin!

I have shed my Koala skin and put on my Monkey face and antics, buckled down to business and am building my success.  Maybe not reaching “alpha male” status yet (that would be quite interesting), but definitely working consistently and building new families and friends every day!


Are you using social media to build your circle of contacts?  Are you the “alpha male” leader or still in the shy “koala” stage?  Are you interested in learning more about how social media can do more for you than just post corny jokes, politics or beautiful quotes?  If you are ready to get down to some serious Monkey Business, give me a shout or connect with me on Facebook and let’s have a talk!


Are you Serious About Working Your Home Business?


If all three of your answers were A, then you are treating your business as if it were a Fortune 500 company.  Congratulations!


Owners of Fortune 500 companies take their business very seriously, something of value that needs to be taken care so as not to lose it.  It is yours and you treat it with your special way to maintain its integrity and keep it that way.

Moving on, even one B answer could mean that maybe some area needs a little more attention.

You could simply stop here and say who cares?  No one can see me, I’m at home, behind a computer screen, on a phone, or other device.  But like anything else in life that belongs to you – if you take care of it, it will take care of you!

Here are a few tips that you can easily apply painlessly.

No more working in chaos.


Make your office a “no toy” zone.  This includes the pet’s toys.  If you have these little helpers, then establish a certain area, such as a box or basket, but not the desktop for toys.

Your office is not a deli bar.  Next to a beverage and the occasional quick snack, take meals away from the office space.  We all need refresh time away from the office.


No more working in jammies.

You wouldn’t show up to work at a major corporation in jammies.  Yes, it is not necessary to wear a suit and tie, but highly encouraged to be dressed and prepared for any type of day can and will only enhance your success.

Check your phone recorded message

Double check to make sure your answering machine has a professional sounding message to match that of a successful business person you are becoming.


No More Winging It

Begin each day with a list of four to six items that you plan to accomplish before the day is through.  Be specific and make this list a list of goals that can be accomplished.

Weave these tips into your daily activities, add a few of your own and you will be running your business like a Fortune 500 in no time.

The key is finding your passion in YOUR business, making it YOURS and treating it this way at all times, whether you are working or away.



Get Ready!  You are on your way!