Are You A Cool Cat?

Long time ago, back in the day when I was in high school, kids were divided into cliques – the jocks (athletes, cheerleaders), the nerds (nose always in a book, teacher’s pet, etc) and the freaks (cool kids who went against the system).

Personally I tried them all in my four years – I was on the dance team (pom pom girls), my nose was always in a book and the last year I was so bored I hung out with the freaks.  Quite honestly, that last year was my favorite.

I’m quite sure that there are still cliques in today’s schools,k maybe the same names (at least the jocks), still nerdy kids and definitely cool kids.

But high school has to end, some go on to college and continue the clique for a bit longer – but eventually we all end up in the same place – the free world of being an adult.

Time to make our way in the world, get a job, find the right partner, children maybe, a house, a car and a dog.  What could be better!

Fast forward twenty years after high school graduation and you attend your first class reunion.  All of a sudden there are no cliques, sizes and shapes have changed.  Doctors, lawyers, salesman, teachers and more now makes up your class.  And hey, there’s Elvis, the biggest nerd from school looking pretty fancy these days – and why can’t he put his phone away for one night!

Couple drinks later, you look up and a small crowd is surround Elvis and he is talking and showing something on his phone.  Now you have to know what this is all about.  Inching closer you begin to listen.  Elvis is showing the new app he developed, and how it is creating an income for him.  Totally cool!  Inching closer, you get a glimpse of his income and since he walked into the party, he has grossed two thousand dollars!  Looks like the ‘geek’ is now one of the ‘cool’ kids!

As Elvis continues talking about he got started, you continue to listen.  He goes on to explain that he loves what he does, works from the comfort of home, no traffic, no boss and can afford whatever his heart desires.  Vacations, cars – no problem, he’s got ’em.  Elvis goes onto to explain that at the beginning it took hard work, education that he never received in high school.  He found a mentor who took the time to teach everything he knows today and one that encourages him to add his own flair to everything he does.  He ends the conversation with “I am not a pushy salesman, I love my life and if you would like to learn more and become one of the “cool” cats in life, I’ll give you my number and we can get together and talk.”  Of course you want his number – this sounds too good to be true.

So here it is five years later and wouldn’t you know, I took Elvis up on his offer.  I now work from home, have started a second business doing things that I absolutely love.    I have become a “cool cat” and broken free of the standard ‘normal’ mode of how to earn a living, fulfilling dreams I never thought would be possible.

The real question is are you ready to be a freak, a cool cat and watch as your dreams become reality?  Leave me a note or come find me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to talk.  It’s a choice – you just have to make one!







Shopping Lists

Our lives are filled with lists – lists to buy food, list of our wants when we go to make a big purchase, wish lists for holidays – it goes on and on.

How many times have you created a list to go to the grocery store only to arrive at the store and the list is still at home?  I know I have!

What about all the times the list actually makes it to the store with you.  Do you shop based on the list or does it always seem that there is something extra there that was unplanned for?  That would be more like 99% of the time for me.  (Dang Sales!)  Even worse than having extra is arriving back home and somehow we completely missed an item on the list.

How about buying a new home?  We make a list, whether written or in our heads of the things we want.  One bedroom, two, maybe three.  Large kitchen with all the ammenities we can only dream of, lots of property or maybe none at all.  Room for an office or maybe a craft room.  Colors, lay out, the list can be endless.

We do the same thing when it comes to buying cars.  First will it be new or used (preowned)?  Preferred color,  Sedan, bus or sports car.  The options to choose from are endless from automatic transmission, power windows, seats, sunroof, stereo, blue tooth and the options list goes on and on.

Lists do work in narrowing down our options, helping us to obtain the perfect items for ourselves or as close to perfect as we can find.

Keeping lists in mind, have you considered what kinds of things would be on a list to create a business that is yours – a business that will transform your future so that you can get everything that is on your wish list.

Whether you choose to build a business from the ground up or you begin the process learning from those who have already succeeded, the list is fairly simple.

Of course the #1 item is locating the opportunity that will teach you to become successful and work with you every step of the way.  As you begin learning, you discover all the tools required to reach the level of success you dream of.  Tools such as an email autoresponder, your own website, hosting for the website, an easy drag ‘n drop lead page builder, a conference room for your new customers, the ability to create your own videos, and more.

All of these tools can be located through several different companies, all requiring a monthly or yearly fee.  You add them to your business at a pace you are comfortable with OR you can choose a program that offers every item on the list and more, leaving more of your budget for actually building the business.

Launching today, is one business that will give you everything you need and a way to chuck that list away once and for all.  If you are serious about changing your future, creating your own business and compiling a new wish for the future, click the image below.

All lists complete for me – now it’s your turn!  Click HERE!



Careful What You Wish For

How many times have you been told “careful what you wish for”?  And each time you heard this, you chuckle to yourself knowing they really have no clue as to what they are talking about.

But if you stop and think for one minute, there is a lot of truth to it.


For months I have wished to go on vacation from work.  I can even remember last summer letting my boss know I was going to take some vacation time, I needed a break from the every day stresses and his response was “not right now – you need to get your staff straightened out first.”  I was furious – every time I hired someone great, they left sixty days later and I was back to square one.

So we enter into 2020 and again I longed to take some time off.  Guess what?  I have my time off, an extended unexpected amount of time off due to the pandemic that is affecting the world.  Not exactly what I had planned to do for a vacation – but I got my wish!


Have you ever wished you could have a new car?   Just sitting inside a new car, inhaling that new car smell, learning how to use all the new gadgets they put into cars these days and feeling like nothing will ever top this feeling!

You get in and drive your new car every day with such pride and such joy you never ever thought was possible – just from realizing your wish.  This is short-lived.  The first payment becomes due, and now your insurance has gone up and it is now your task to discover how you are going to fit this into your budget.  But you got your wish – you have a new car PLUS new bills, new worries and stress!


And of course there is the classic wish we have all had at one point in time or another – “I wish I had a million dollars”!  Oh how life would change, the things we could do, the things we could buy, our kids would have the best of everything.  Travel, treat family and friends and be the stand up guy/gal everyone looks up to.  Or do they?

If you have a financial background, chances are you will know how to safely use your new windfall.  Did you know that 70% of lottery winners go broke in just a few short years?  Yes they may have homes and cars but nothing invested to continue to grow and end up losing everything after getting their wish.


Another saying “you get back what you put out” plays into your wishes.   Many do not completely understand the full meaning or power behind those words.  Once you understand and put into action, the consequences of your desires and wishes will take a dramatic upward change.  A simple mindset adjustment.

For example, had I clearly put out the thought “I wish for time off from work in order that I can take a leisurely trip to the coast to spend some fun time with friends” and truly believed that it was possible, I would have received at the right time the time off in order to take that vacation instead of sitting at home.

Instead of wishing to win the lottery or winning a million dollars, reset the thought into something such as “I wish for enough money to take care of myself and family for life, to invest in my dreams and never be without again.”

Putting out your hope and wishes will bring back what you need, when you need it if you have taken the time to be clear on what you exactly need and why.  What you put out is what you will get back in just the way you put it out there.

Change your mindset and be careful what you wish for!

Getting back what you put out works faster when you are putting out those vibes and wishes while at the same time taking action to make them happen.   If you would like to work with me, please click HERE!

Back In The Day ……

Back in the day, life was simpler.   Yes, technology has made day to day tasks easier, communication spans farther and we have grown lazy.  (I am just as guilty like so many.)


Today, around the world, we are faced with a health crisis (COVID-19) that threatens to change the way we live as well as our  livelihood.  Countries around the world are asking people to Stay At Home as much as possible.  Some countries have quarantines and for those of us in the United States, the restrictions are minimal.  The responses I read or hear each day simply amaze me.  They range from fear, to acceptance and plain outright denial.


So what if instead of fearing the changes we are facing, we create a whole new mindset and make this a positive new beginning  for everyone.


I see this as an opportunity for families to bring back the ‘family core’.  Take time to discover your children, your spouse or significant other again.  What is new in their lives and be sure to share yourself.   Play games together, volunteer to learn the games your kids play and join with them,  movie nights with popcorn and soda.   The idea is to be a family.


Meals can be fun and everyone pitches in.  Learn to cook from scratch using grandma’s recipes or start creating some of your own to pass down as time goes by.


If you are working from home, set your boundries and limit your time to your normal work schedule.  Family can be working on crafts, reading, exercising, etc.  When your day is done, focus on family for the remainder of the day.


To sum it all up, live as if you were living Back in the Day – the day when families spent time together, worked and played together and prayed together, all from home.


Now is the time to take a serious look at what you plan for your future.  Are you where you want to be or do you yearn for something more.  Use this time at home to decide what you want to do, start laying out the foundation to get there and take the steps to get started.


Staying at home during a Pandemic can change you and your future as well as those you love.  Why not make that decision to begin today?


I would love to work with you if you are looking for something that is health and fitness based and the opportunity to change your future financially.  Interested?  Click HERE!


The Right Road

Life is like a road, it twists and turns, has highs and lows and sometimes simply just is.


I like to think that there are three roads, the high road, the low road and the main road.


Each of us begins on the main road – this is our ‘liferoad’ – the road of family, of dreams, of simple living.  It is on this main road that decisions are made and the pursuit of dreams and goals begin.


As we travel through life, many people choose to stay on their ‘liferoad’, never veering right or left, but focusing straight ahead, doing whatever it takes to survive, content on the choices they have made.


Just as many people make a choice  to be bold, daring and make decisions based on how they intend to reach the high road.


The most important decision anyone can make is the decision to take action, make it happen.  It is not enough to decide what you want – but you must make a decision and a commitment to do whatever it takes to reach the high road you have chosen.


Each and every day, the action taker will renew their dreams and intentions at the beginning of each day and continue to move.  Yes, there will be days that you will stumble and hit the low road.  Rise up the next day, with renewed determination and the high road implanted center in your mind and  you will cross back to the ‘liferoad’ and be one step closer to the high road.



Now it’s your turn.


Decision #1 – Are you satisfied with living life on the ‘liferoad’?

Decision #2 – Do you dream of living a different life, a life without worry or want?

Decision #3 – Are you ready to make that decision and begin pursuing your dreams?


There is no wrong decision, only YOUR decision and the choices you make will determine the roads you will travel.  Happy travels to you on your journey!


Did you choose to follow your dreams but no clue where to start?  I would love to help you with a life changing opportunity.  Sneak a peak HERE!



What Will You Give Up?


Millions of people around the world have begun the season of Lent.

After researching, not everyone practices the same way – some will begin fasting, some people will choose to give up something important to them only for this season and many will follow the traditions of their ancestors.

How we honor this holy season will become an individual decision that for most people is based on tradition of the family.  Whether Orthodox traditions or the more lenient traditions, often found in the United States are practiced – the passion and depth become very personal to each person.

As I was reading on the background of this Holy season, I couldn’t help but focus on the main principles:

  • Accountability (for sins)
  • Cleansing of the soul and mind
  • Prayers for Atonement, Blessings

And as the season ends, normally forty days, a celebration for one of the holiest events in Christianity – the day Jesus arose and walked away from the tomb (Easter).

What does this have to do with creating dreams and building success?  Everything!

Think about it for a brief moment.  The young man dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.  He goes to practice faithfully, and then continues to work on techniques in his own time.  He researches tried and true strategies as well as introduces new ways of improving regularly.

Time with friends and even family is always “later”.  Money is spent for extra training, coaching leaving little for the latest electronic gadgets and games.

But the day comes and he is finally selected to move to a professional farm team and see his dream begin progressing regularly.  To this young man, everything he gave up was worth it the first day he played Minor League ball.

Millions of people like myself are building our dreams on the internet.

Many of us are still working a full time job while building a business, writing, and/or selling products.   All this work is done away from the job, taking time away from friends and family.  Money must be spent to grow, to move forward or simply to educate ourselves.

Where does the money come from?  From the savings account, buying less groceries, giving up the extra channels on cable TV – wherever corners can be cut.

Both the baseball player and the home business maker must be held accountable for every success and every failure that crosses their path.  Both share a deep passion for their chosen dream to pursue and both must have a mindset that is focused on moving forward.  A passion that runs so deep that it not only comes from the mind, but encompasses the entire soul – surging each of us to take action.  And how would we ever get where we choose to be without saying a little prayer for help, strength, as well as forgiveness once in a while.

And then the Celebrations begin – successes begin to pile up and the cycle repeats itself.

Each of us easily sacrifices for faith, with no regrets or hesitation.  The question is are you willing to believe in your dreams and give up whatever it takes?






What’s For Dessert?

dessert1My favorite part of a meal – Dessert!  I will sometimes skip a meal, just so I can eat dessert – depending on what it is of course.


Deciding what dessert will be and then creating it is of course the beginning to an evening of delight.  Just as building a business, creating a dream – there is a process or recipe.


  1. ingredients Choosing what you will make (plan what your dream will be and choose the opportunity or path you will follow)

2.  Gathering all the ingredients you will need – flour, sugar, water/milk, eggs, nuts, chocolate, cream cheese, etc.  (Gather the tools you need to get started on your opportunity – including education, communication tools and resources, etc.)

3.  Mixing all the ingredients together and bake/freeze/set.  (Start taking action, follow your plan.)

4.  Ready to Serve!  (See your dream develop and enjoy the rewards!)

Enjoying dessert in many ways feels like a reward, a treat for yourself and/or the family.  Gratifying for a short period, dessert is a way to enjoy the good life.

A dream of changing your life for the better and a future that is satisfying for you and/or family takes longer to cultivate, but the recipe is simple.  Decide, plan, take action and reap the rewards – even the little ones.

So what’s on your plate today?


Dream of starting a home business?  Check this out and give me a shout – I’ll be happy to share with you how this is changing lives and futures daily – Very Sweet Rewards


Just One Year

Life changes.  Every minute, every day and taking the time to look back over the course of one year, it can be an amazing experience to understand and see all that has transpired in a year and how far you have come towards your dreams.

xmas_sweetThe other day as I was baking Christmas cookies, I realized that one year ago there was the small voice in the house asking “How many cookies do you make?”  That was the sweet sound of Grandma’s voice.  One year later, Grandma is gone and we have Miss Molly, who loudly meows her voice to get my attention.  Just one year!


csm coverOne year ago I was creating my Daily Tidbits, having the time of my life and developing my goals to take my writing further – from Tidbits, to blog and then further.  Over the course of time I discovered the pieces were already there, I just needed to enhance them and put them together.

Today I am proud to say that my goal of moving forward has been realized and “Creating a Successful Mindset” is a reality.  I wonder what adding a new day, new year will bring – taking my own advice and moving towards the next step?  It is nice to know – it all happened in just one year!


Over the course of one year I have loved, I have lost in many ways and each win or loss was another lesson to incorporate into my goals and dreams for tomorrow.


banner_59Getting down to the business aspect, what a difference “just one year” makes.  January 2019 I was puttering along with Now Lifestyle, advertising like crazy, doing all the ‘right’ things and making some money.  I became a part of another program that I had tried a couple years back and dabbled at simply selling online products and materials.


Then someone pulled the rug out beneath me and things went spiraling – which way I land I had no idea.  Grandma was gone, my regular job became over demanding due to employee issues.  I was working 70 hours per week, with little time for anything else.  It was during this time, I somehow managed to find time to publish my first book, but that was about all the energy I could muster or so I thought.


tiredI was going through my various businesses one afternoon and came to the realization that although I had not put in the same effort as many years prior, I was actually making more money than before.


The time spent learning from leaders, working with teams and then teaching all the same things to those who chose to follow me was paying off.  My Now Lifestyle business was paying it’s own upkeep leaving the new focus of growing the business as my main focus.




Fast forward to today – almost at year end – and time is becoming plentiful and my business is growing.  I am writing again and a new book is on the horizon.  Overcoming the lows in the past year, I am full of excitement of what a new year will offer – who knows – my dream of retiring and doing this full time is now looking like a real possible in “just one year”.


Life brings us highs and lows every day, every year.  How we respond to these changes determines the outcome of our dreams.  Holding fast to our dreams, working when we can grab a few minutes every day and never giving up will definitely create positive results, sometimes without your realizing the impact of what you have accomplished.   My foundation has been laid and I can see the results.  I am excited looking forward to what “just one year” will bring next year.


Are you seeing all the positive results you have made in “just one year”?  Have you created a solid foundation for your dreams that enables you to grow and refine your business?


Or did you simply give up when things weren’t going as quickly as you believed they should?


Remember this:  There is NO TIME LIMIT on Dreams!  It’s Just One Year!








Four Seasons to Success!

hallo_seasonLife is all about seasons.  The first set of seasons that comes to mind are the weather related seasons that we experience same time every year.


There are celebratory seasons that we follow that are determined by culture, faith and beliefs.  These include but not limited to holiday seasons, season for love, mating season and so on.  Some people believe in seasons of life – also known as stages or chapters.  Life seasons can be determined by age, level of succeess and much more.


I am writing this article for the millions that have a dream.  Those who dream at succeeding in something that is personal to them – something that becomes life altering and the cycle repeats itself year after year, season after season.


SEASON ONE – (Winter Season)   winter2


The first season is the season of preparation.  When dreams begin, they can become overwhelming, the mind begins to feel the sensation of huge drifts piling up.


First one idea, then another and slowly, methodically we start piecing together exactly what we want, and preparing exactly how we plan to get there.


A time to clean up social media to prepare the path for newer, more exciting people, places and ideas to put forth.  Season one clears pathways in the mind making room for all the new that is about to spring forth.


spring_seasonSEASON TWO (Spring Season)


As season one begins to melt into season two, now is the time to begin planting the seeds of your dream. Spring, as we know it, brings new life into our worlds, sunshine and re-energizes everyone and everything.


Moving to Season Two allows the dream to begin to take shape, planting seeds, taking the first steps that represent moving forward towards your goals and dreams.  For some, this changing of seasons happens very rapidly with a very small winter season, while for some the time between seasons takes much longer.  The decision to move quickly or more carefully is determined by you – the one with the dream and how you accomplish moving forward.


summer_seasonSEASON THREE (Summer Season)


The most exciting of the seasons begins with summer.  Your seeds are blooming, petals floating in gentle breezes and new seeds are planted.  Every day you nurture your plants and frequently have the pleasure of picking a few to enjoy.


Summer marks a time for taking action, constantly moving forward, enjoying small successes, planting more seeds.  Action taken day after day as the dream begins to unfold right before your eyes.


autumnSEASON FOUR (Autumn Harvest)


Dreams are realized through every season.  Sailing from summer to Autumn is to begin harvesting from prior seasons planting and nurturing.


Successes are seen everywhere around and now is the time to begin harvesting.  The time to enjoy the beauty of all you have created is now and to begin sharing with those in your circle.  Harvesting includes setting aside good seeds for the next planting and throwing out bad seeds that could damage your future crops / successes.


As your dream develops, you enter a ever-revolving cycle through the seasons to achieve your goal.


ONE – Plan, design, develop strategies and clear the mind to prepare

TWO – Plant good seeds daily that will blossom and grow

THREE – Time of action.  Nurture, pluck, enjoy.

FOUR – Harvest the success and save the good seeds!


Knowing and understanding the four seasons to success will help you develop sound plans and goals to reach as you enter into each season.  With every complete cycle, success increases, dreams are realized and new dreams begin to form.


What season are you in?  How many seasons have you passed through?


Living Gilligan Style!

gilligan1“Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip, That started from this tropic port, Aboard this tiny ship.


The mate was a mighty sailing man, The skipper brave and sure.  Five passengers set sail that day, For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.  ……”


I was fortunate to grow up watching “Gilligan’s Island” and watch this unlikely group of people come together time after time to resolve problems and find solutions that I am positive none ever knew existed.  What a Team to have on your side!


The last show of the original series aired on April 17, 1967 but the principles of teamwork and interacting with people still exist today.  Many of the people I know today live on a deserted island called the internet.  Contact with the real world, interacting with ‘live’ people is seldom, much easier to turn on a computer.  Like most, the purpose was never intended to be stranded on a computer hour after hour, building a new life, new dreams and shutting out the rest of the world.  Circumstances drove us there, but for the professors and skippers out there, there is a way to break free and return to civilization.


gilliganCan you imagine being Gilligan?  Clumsy, lacking in self confidence, afraid of your own shadow?


On the flip side, Gilligan regularly came up with outlandish schemes that even if they backfired, actually worked!  Hmmm!  Think I could be like that, maybe!


Maybe you are more like the Skipper – strong and supportive, ever watchful of taking care of his crew and carries a heart of gold.  A man who shouldered the responsibility of bringing this cast to the deserted island, tirelessly tried to find a way to be rescued while protecting each and every person there?   Many a great leader takes the responsibility and leadership to great lengths, making sure that everyone is taken care of in a way that best suits their needs.


thehowellsEvery team/group that works together has at least one person that represents the “Howell’s”.  You know the type – the “entitled” person that believes success should simply happen or be given to them.  Work!?!  Out of the question!


Given the proper incentive though, the Howell’s always came through and did their part, helping the entire team reach the success they were after.


maryannOne of my personal favorites on the show was MaryAnn.  A sweet young woman that simply brings joy to everyone she encounters.  Somewhat insecure when being in the shadow of a Movie Star “Ginger”, but in the end her small town country girl charm with a large dose of intelligence won the hearts of everyone.


Every team / organization has at least one MaryAnn – the person that can be counted on to do the endless, menial tasks no one else wants to do.  The one who seldom speaks their mind, but when they do – everyone listens!


gilligan2So here it is – 2019!  We have created our own deserted islands, and formed relationships all over the world that work together, play together and succeed together.  It takes the Gilligans, Skippers, Howells and MaryAnn’s of the world finding each other on our islands to create teams / businesses / dreams to propel us towards the success each of us yearn for.  Sprinkle in a few Gingers and Professors to create logic and beauty in all our daily lives and solutions are created by this huge networking of people.


So are you ready to jump on my ship, take a cruise and see what island we land on?  (Click HERE )

Let me close simply with the final words of the Gilligan Theme Song –



 So this is the tale of our castaways,
They’re here for a long, long time.
They’ll have to make the best of things,
It’s an uphill climb.

If you enjoyed today’s blog, I would love to read your comments!

It's All About the Journey