What Will You Give Up?


Millions of people around the world have begun the season of Lent.

After researching, not everyone practices the same way – some will begin fasting, some people will choose to give up something important to them only for this season and many will follow the traditions of their ancestors.

How we honor this holy season will become an individual decision that for most people is based on tradition of the family.  Whether Orthodox traditions or the more lenient traditions, often found in the United States are practiced – the passion and depth become very personal to each person.

As I was reading on the background of this Holy season, I couldn’t help but focus on the main principles:

  • Accountability (for sins)
  • Cleansing of the soul and mind
  • Prayers for Atonement, Blessings

And as the season ends, normally forty days, a celebration for one of the holiest events in Christianity – the day Jesus arose and walked away from the tomb (Easter).

What does this have to do with creating dreams and building success?  Everything!

Think about it for a brief moment.  The young man dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.  He goes to practice faithfully, and then continues to work on techniques in his own time.  He researches tried and true strategies as well as introduces new ways of improving regularly.

Time with friends and even family is always “later”.  Money is spent for extra training, coaching leaving little for the latest electronic gadgets and games.

But the day comes and he is finally selected to move to a professional farm team and see his dream begin progressing regularly.  To this young man, everything he gave up was worth it the first day he played Minor League ball.

Millions of people like myself are building our dreams on the internet.

Many of us are still working a full time job while building a business, writing, and/or selling products.   All this work is done away from the job, taking time away from friends and family.  Money must be spent to grow, to move forward or simply to educate ourselves.

Where does the money come from?  From the savings account, buying less groceries, giving up the extra channels on cable TV – wherever corners can be cut.

Both the baseball player and the home business maker must be held accountable for every success and every failure that crosses their path.  Both share a deep passion for their chosen dream to pursue and both must have a mindset that is focused on moving forward.  A passion that runs so deep that it not only comes from the mind, but encompasses the entire soul – surging each of us to take action.  And how would we ever get where we choose to be without saying a little prayer for help, strength, as well as forgiveness once in a while.

And then the Celebrations begin – successes begin to pile up and the cycle repeats itself.

Each of us easily sacrifices for faith, with no regrets or hesitation.  The question is are you willing to believe in your dreams and give up whatever it takes?